Online Ordering with Texting + Phone Support

The Complete Package

We’re not just an online ordering company. We offer a complete suite of connectivity tools. Bundle your phone system, send and receive texts on your business line and send more traffic to your online ordering by using our all-in-one package. Developed and supported by Brandywine Technical Partners.

Made to order

Each online ordering portal we create is customized to reflect the branding and the individual needs of our clients.

Fewer bills

Keep your existing number and bundle your phone plan with your business SMS and online ordering. Save tons and get support in one place.

SMS Connected

Send and receive information from your business line. Link customers to your online ordering, social media, navigation, etc. Give callers the option to proceed via Text.

Easy to Manage

We work with you and your team to provide order updates that integrate seamlessly into your day to day work flow. Orderspot, as a subsidiary brand of Brandywine Technical Partners will be integrated seamlessly with your voice and SMS infrastructure.

Standard Features

Offer ONLINE Ordering

Seamlessly provide online ordering from your website. Accept Cards online or Cash on Delivery. Compatible with Contactless Pickup and Delivery.

Fully supported

No complicated setup, our team will install your completely custom ordering software.

Insights & Analytics

Keep track of what items are most popular, reward your regular customers and more with your order data.

Text Message Support

Offer Text Message support from your business line with Hello by Brandywine.

Have a unique need? Our team can custom tailor the ordering platform to your specific requirements. You won’t find that anywhere else.

See it in Action

Test out a demo version of our online ordering software now.

Ready to get started?

1 Phone Number, 3 Phones with Intercom and Advanced VOIP Features, Online Ordering Portal, Business SMS with ‘”Hello” Menu and more, all for $399/month